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  • [aaus-list] Mellon Junior Post-Doctoral Fellowships (University of Illinois atUrbana-Champaign) (fwd), M T Znayenko
  • [aaus-list] Fwd: Ukrainian language classes in Russia, Vitaly Chernetsky
  • [aaus-list] Ukrainian-Americans for Keyrry-Edwards yard signs and buttons foryou!, Max Pyziur
  • [aaus-list] Ukrainian Elections (fwd), Max Pyziur
  • [aaus-list] FW: Scientific publications on Russia and Eastern Europe (fwd), M T Znayenko
  • [aaus-list] Vidkrytyi lyst 12 apolitychnyx literatoriv pro vybir i ukr. vybory(fwd, M T Znayenko
  • [aaus-list] Kennan Institute and Comparative Urban Studies Project Publish, M T Znayenko
  • No Subject, Max Pyziur
  • [aaus-list] International Dissertation Field Research Fellowships, Max Pyziur
  • [aaus-list] Job Announcement, Chair and/or Senior appointment in Russian orGerman Studies, U. of Florida (fwd), M T Znayenko
  • [aaus-list] Putin urges to vote for Bush, Max Pyziur
  • [aaus-list] =?X-UNKNOWN?Q?=5Bwindows-1251=5D_7th_International_Forum_on_the?==?X-UNKNOWN?Q?_Constitutional_Justice_=5Bwindows-1251=5D_=ABPolit?==?X-UNKNOWN?Q?ical_Rights_and_Free_Elections=BB_=28Moscow=2C_?==?X-UNKNOWN?Q?O=5Bwindows-1251=5D_ctober_22=9623=2C_2004=29_=28fw?==?X-UNKNOWN?Q?d=29?=, M T Znayenko
  • [aaus-list] Media Note: Ambassador Carlos Pascual to Speak CSIS and WoodrowWilson Center Joint Event (fwd), Max Pyziur
  • [aaus-list] Call for papers - Crisis Management Ukraine Project, Max Pyziur
  • [aaus-list/a] Amnesty International: Ukr. opposition activistsarbitrarily detained, Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list/a] Fwd: pidtrymka (from O. Havrylyshyn), Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list/a] Open Letter from Twelve Writers about the Elections, Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list/a] Open Letter from Representatives of Ukraine'sCreative Intelligentsia, Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list/a] Fwd: conference in Italy, Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list] Andrukhovych on BBC Russian, Vitaly Chernetsky
  • [aaus-list] New book: Over the Wall/After the Fall. Ed. by S. Forrester, M. J.Zaborowska, and E. Gapova (Bloomington, IUP 2004) (fwd), M T Znayenko
  • [aaus-list] op-ed piece on Ukr election, Michael M. Naydan
  • [aaus-list] Fwd: Open letter from Oksana Zabuzhko: The tinderbox that is Ukraine, Vitaly Chernetsky
  • [aaus-list] John Smith Fellowship Programme 2005 (fwd), M T Znayenko
  • [aaus-list] Letter from Katherine Verdery to Anthropologists of the former Sovietbloc: Panels needed for the AAASS meetings (fwd), M T Znayenko
  • [aaus-list/a] Statement of concern from Yaroslav Hrytsak, Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list/a] Apocalypse Tomorrow (J.-P. Himka), Robert DeLossa

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