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Imagine our surprise...

The lead editorial in today's WSJ (12/02/2004) is titled "Ukraine,
Vladimir and George", subtitled "It's no time for Chicken Kiev".  Must
have copped the last line from some known UkrAm lawyer.

After jabbing those European leaders it most dislikes (Chirac and
Schroeder) and then Putin in the sixth graf it reads,

" ... Bush has said he opposes foreign intervention in the election, an
implied jab at Mr. Putin, and the he supoorts the idea of 'any election.' 
But the problem in Ukraine is not 'foreign intervention.' It is Russian
intervention.  Without Russian meddling, the Ukrainian show of 'people
power' in the past week would have already found Mr. Yushchenko the
rightful winner.  And while supporting elections is fine in theory,
eliding the distinction between Mr. Kuchma's and Mr. Yushchenko's concept
of an election only plays into Mr. Kuchma's corrupt hands. ..."

" ... We realize Mr. Bush may be trying to give Mr. Putin a graceful way
out of a confrontation.  But this is no time to speak quietly. ..."

On the same page, in the rightmost two columns, "Our Ukraine", by Viktor

Read all about it!

Max Pyziur

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