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  • [aaus-list] Correction re Ukrainian history lecture, Diana Howansky
  • [aaus-list] Call for papers on health and socioeconomic development, Diana Howansky
  • [aaus-list] Fwd: Media Literacy Seminar in Ukraine July 15-July 30,2006, Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list] How Ivan Franko Became a Genius, Diana Howansky
  • [aaus-list] Call for Papers, Marta Dyczok
  • [aaus-list] Position Available - General Manager at the UkrainianInstitute of America, programs@ukrainianinstitute.org
  • [aaus-list] Ukrainian Documentary Premiere, Diana Howansky
  • [aaus-list] Prog.-Summer Lab on REEE,U Illinois - extended deadline May 12, Lynda Park
  • [aaus-list] Invitation/Conference June 3-4 (fwd), M T Znayenko
  • [aaus-list] TOC: Europe-Asia Studies, May 2006 (fwd), M T Znayenko
  • [aaus-list] Presentation of works by Panteleimon Kulish, Diana Howansky
  • [aaus-list] men or women from belarus to be interviewed for italiantv, gerimorellini\@libero\.it
  • [aaus-list] Stanford position, Gabriella Safran (by way of Robert DeLossa)
  • [aaus-list] Ukrainian Traditional Folklore - Website updates, by way of Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list] Paid internship to help with film screenings, Diana Howansky
  • [aaus-list] Upcoming Chornobyl-related events in NYC, Diana Howansky
  • [aaus-list] Comprehensive overview about thefts of nationaltreasures from state archives and libraries, Hennadii Boriak
  • [aaus-list] VOLODYMYR STOJKO: +2006 (fwd), M T Znayenko
  • [aaus-list] Russia: Klebnikov Verdict (fwd), Max Pyziur
  • [aaus-list] Fwd: Job Announcement from the Kennan Institute, M T Znayenko
  • [aaus-list] Film at the Pioneer Theater - "LIGHT FROM THE EAST" May11-17, programs@ukrainianinstitute.org
  • [aaus-list] Mykola Horbal at UVAN, Diana Howansky
  • [aaus-list] Art at the Institute - "Mazepiana" The works of SerhiyYakutovych, May 18 - 21, 2006, programs@ukrainianinstitute.org
  • [aaus-list] "Music at the Institute (MATI)" hosts Mannes College ofMusic 2006 year-long festival "Bach and the Baroque Legacy", programs@ukrainianinstitute.org
  • [aaus-list] [Fwd: Cinewomen NY invite you to "ThE WHISPERER"], Diana Howansky
  • [aaus-list] Paid Ukrainian school teacher positions open, Diana Howansky
  • [aaus-list] Fwd: vacancy: project manager for Caritas Austriamigration management project in Western Ukraine, Vitaly Chernetsky
  • [aaus-list] Three summer internships available, Diana Howansky
  • [aaus-list] Sheva kazhe ...., Max Pyziur
  • [aaus-list] Omelian Pritsak Obituary, Max Pyziur
  • [aaus-list] psan.org is functionning again, Post-Soviet Armies Newsletter (psan.org)
  • [aaus-list] Professor Omeljan Pritsak Deceased, Tymish Holowinsky (by way of Robert DeLossa)

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