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Subject: Ukraine~Rs Election Update - December 2, 2004
From:    "Ukraine Elections Updates" <electionnews@ua.org.ua>
Date:    Thu, December 2, 2004 7:32 pm
To:      "Roman Zinchenko" <rzinchenko@gmail.com>

 From Viktor Yushchenko's campaign headquarters
December 2, 2004

Russia's Putin condemns Ukrainian opposition for demands to revote
presidential runoff
The EP Vice president: the European Parliament was dressed in orange to
show its solidarity with the people of Ukraine
Tymoshenko: The Power Now Rests With the People
Election commission member: 1 million rigged votes during presidential
runoff in Ukraine
Victor Yushchenko: The way to resolve the current political crisis is with
a repeated runoff not a repeated election
Ukrainian MFA Issues Repeated Warnings to Russian Officials
Yushchenko's popularity grows considerably over the course of a week of
mass protests in Ukraine


Russian president Vladimir Putin criticized Ukrainian opposition for its
demands to carry out a revote of a presidential runoff, while meeting
Ukraine's outgoing president Leonid Kuchma in an airport "Vnukovo-2" near
Russian capital. In a move that apparently breached all possible rules of
non-interference into other country internal affairs Putin has supported
Ukrainian President in his condemnations addressed to
political opposition.
"A revote could be conducted a third, a fourth, 25th time, until one side
gets the results it needs," Putin said sarcastically, supporting statement
by Kuchma, that not a single country has a possibility of revoting the
elections. Mr. Kuchma, however failed to mention that not a single country
has seen electoral law violations that led, as opposition estimates, to
more than 3 millions of rigged votes.

Kuchma has also complained about opposition blocking governmental
buildings in Kyiv. He said that "It is not government who does not work,
it is government who is prevented from working now".  In a sharp
controversy with Kuchma's words Ukrainian Constitution requires a
president to submit a new list of Government members for Parliament to
approve, if the latter voted for non-confidence to Government, what has
happened yesterday with 229 people's deputies (MPs) voting for
government's dismissal. The Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) on
Wednesday voted for non-confidence to government of Viktor Yanukovych.

Opposition supporters who block the governmental building and
presidential administration in a center of Ukrainian capital Kyiv demand
the revote of presidential runoff, as well as millions of other
protesters who claim the presidential elections runoff in Ukraine was
massively fraudulent. They also demand from Kuchma to form a People Trust
Government that will stabilize economical situation and make unbiased
revoting possible.

Vladimir Putin has also claimed that "Russia is ready to participate in
regulating situation to the extend you (meaning Kuchma) consider
possible for us". Kuchma has also complained about economic consequences
of mass protests, failing to notice that Yanukovich's government
generated huge $ 20 billion external debt and high inflation rates, with
Ukrainian National Bank chairman absent at his office for 6 months because
of his being a chief manager of Yanukovych electoral campaign.

Russia's President has also claimed, "Ukraine is a fully
Russian-speaking country", that contradicts sharply with the results of
last census, saying that near 60% of Ukrainians consider Ukrainian to be
their native language. Putin's note about languages fits perfectly into
propaganda scheme by of Viktor Yanukovych camp that tried to gain votes on
imaginary contradictions between Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking people in
Ukraine. Mass protests in different cities of Ukraine have proved that
such a contradiction just does not exist, since most people speak  and
understand perfectly both languages.

Kuchma has also thanked Boryus Gryslov - a Russian MP for his expressing
views concerning the situation in Ukraine. The latter one has repeatedly
made statements, interfering with Ukraine's internal affairs.


The Vice President of the European Parliament Jacek Saryusz-Wolski said at
today's press conference at Victor Yushchenko's Election Press Center that
the issue of Ukraine was at the top of the European Parliament agenda.

The European Parliament "Strongly condemns the conditions under which the
second round of the presidential elections in Ukraine has taken place, as
regards both the final stage of the election campaign and the
irregularities and apparent fraud during the counting of votes", states EP
resolution on Ukraine.

The European Parliament rejected the decision of the Central Electoral
Committee under the chairmanship of Serhiy Kivalov to declare Yanukovich
as the winner of the presidential elections "without having fully
considered the validity of the elections and the electoral process and
therefore with apparent disregard for the wishes of the people of

European MPs have called on the Ukrainian authorities "to annul the second
round of the presidential elections and reorganize this second round
before the end of this year with the participation of
international observers, whilst guaranteeing an open and transparent
electoral process in accordance with international democratic standards
during both the election campaign and the actual voting and counting of
votes, and thoroughly improving the election campaign conditions"

Mr. Saryusz-Wolski underlined the fact that the European Parliament
adopted a resolution on Ukraine during yesterday's session and almost
every MEP voted in its favor proves that. According to him, all the
political groups and movements of the European Parliament expressed their
support for the people of Ukraine and wished them to come to a resolution
of the political crisis via democratic means.

Jacek Saryusz-Wolski stated that the European Parliament would not stop at
the resolution and would further follow the developments in Ukraine and
send its missions to our country.

He also pointed out to the press that the European Parliament was
dressed in orange during yesterday's session.


In a 2 December press conference at the Yushchenko press center,
Opposition Second-in-command Yulia Tymoshenko told reporters about the
"revolutionary situation" in Ukraine.

MP Tymoshenko stated that she had just gotten out of meetings with the
Parliamentary Coordinating Committee and the National Rescue Committee (an
ad-hoc committee created after the announcement in the CEC of
fraudulent election results. The committee was created to help guide
government policy and coordinate with protesters) After those Committee
meetings, she was able to state that two amendments are currently
working their way through the Parliament: one to amend the Constitution,
the other to amend the Presidential Election Law.

"The so-called majority factions are trying to delay the actions of the
Parliament in an attempt to move away from Yushchenko's platform to their
own," Tymoshenko warned, "But I tell you that Yushchenko's
faction, my own faction, and [Socialist Party Leader Oleksandr] Moroz's
faction will not tolerate delays."

Tymoshenko singled out Kuchma as the primary offender in this matter. She
accused him of stalling on the government resignation decree,
stalling on a law to eliminate falsifications in the Presidential
election, and stalling on dealing with secessionist statement from eastern
regions. She then added that a criminal case has just been opened against
him for his inaction on these matters, as well as for treachery against
the state.

Despite the activity of opposition deputies, Tymoshenko underscored that
"positive resolution will come through the people, not the politicians."
The people, she stated, have surprised everyone, not even the opposition
has fully come to terms with the fact that the people are now
controlling events.

In underscoring her point, Tymoshenko said that on 29 November a number of
deputies from the former pro-Presidential majority tried to undo the 27
November decision to disband the Cabinet. At that point "some
opposition deputies, and I myself was one, let in the crowd. This
peaceful, let me repeat, peaceful group of opposition protesters
completely changed the situation in the Rada. The pro-administration's
situational majority disappeared, and efforts to undo the decision

When asked how the opposition was going to control the people,
Tymoshenko replied that the millions of opposition supporters gathering in
Independence Square are "cultured people, intellectuals and
students," and they are "disciplined," but that the protesters had told
her no politicians can rule them-(despite recent statements to the
contrary) government buildings will not be unblocked.

The opposition is currently occupied in waiting to hear the conclusions
from the Supreme Court, and this is the most important issue for them at
present. Tymoshenko gave a warning about this decision: not only
politicians, but also protesters are waiting on the Supreme Court, and,
"the court's decision may or may not please the politicians, but if it
does not please the people, then there will be an entirely different
situation in the country."

In such a case, she stated, "not even Yushchenko will be able to control

"Could there be a new election without Yanukovych or Yushchenko?" a
reporter asked her. "There is no version without Victor Yushchenko," she

At the end of the press conference, she was asked when the protests would
stop. She replied: "The people will go home only when they hear that
Yushchenko is the legitimate President."


Nearly a million Ukrainian votes were rigged during the night of the
presidential runoff vote on 21st of November. This was the statement of
Ruslan Knyazevych, a former member of the Central Election Commission, and
one of three members to accuse the CEC of fraud, during recent Supreme
Court hearings on election fraud.

"In my opinion, after 8 p.m. on November 21, (the official closing of the
polls) nearly 1 million ballots were thrown in ballot boxes," says
Knyazevych, who refused to sign the final CEC protocol, as a protest
against mass election fraud.

The court hearings were initiated based on a complaint from Mykola
Katerynchuk, an official representative of opposition leader Viktor

According to Knyazevych one of the factors indicating that election fraud
took place was a host of bugs in the autonomous electronic vote counting
system used by CEC. Extraordinary lags in the delivery of voting
information were common, especially from Donetsk, Lugansk,
Zaporizhzhja, Dnipropetrovsk regions. Knyazevych has also stated that
people who had access codes of the system were forced to give them to
third party not entitled to have them. He also noted that these people are
ready to confirm their testimonies in court.

Knyazevych called absentee voting bulletins one of the major
technologies of election fraud in Ukraine. During the councils in CEC he
tried to raise the question of developing methods to prevent absentee
ballots fraud, but the CEC refused to discuss it thus, as Knyazevych says
"giving space for vote manipulations". According to representatives of
Ukrainian opposition, more than 1,5 million of "extra" absentee ballots
were used during last elections.

CEC member also noted that complains from Yushchenko representatives were
not taken into account by Election Commission. All this ended up in
decision not to be present on the CEC council that announced Viktor
Yanukovych a Governmental candidate a president-elect. Knyazevych also
refused to sign the respecting protocol by CEC. Andrij Magera, another CEC
member who motivates his decision the similar way, did not also sign it.


Opposition candidate Victor Yushchenko said that the decision of 1
December, reached during roundtable negotiations in Parliament, was a
compromise. "All sides, of course, had to make some concessions," he
stressed after the negotiations at Mariinskiy Palace.

Yushchenko went on to say that both his lawyers and lawyers for
pro-administration candidate Victor Yanukovych will have 24 hours after
the Supreme Court decision to give their answers on how to reach a
solution on the elections. He stated that the repeat runoff (a repeat of
the election runoff between Yushchenko and Yanukovych, the results of
which the Parliament ruled a fraud on 27 November) should be set for 19
December. "We based our decision on the fact that the election started on
October thirty-first and must come to a logic conclusion," he said,
stressing that, "we see a repeat of the runoff as the only way to end the

Commenting on the results of the negotiations, Yushchenko noted two
compromises that were reached: the adoption of changes to the
Constitution (draft bill No. 4180), and an end to the blockade of
government bodies. According to Yushchenko, the idea of the
constitutional reform appeared during negotiations with Oleksandr Moroz,
the leader of the Socialist Party, and a corresponding agreement was then
signed with the Socialists. "We do have certain differences but have a
general agreement on engaging in political reform," he said.

Victor Yushchenko also reported that an agreement to form a new
government was one of the issues considered. "There is confusion in
Ukraine as to whether Yanukovych has been dismissed as Prime Minister.
[His dismissal] is certain, because this was the Verkhovna Rada's
decision," Yushchenko said.

Yushchenko was convinced that the government had agreed to negotiations
because of pressure from the people of Ukraine and from Ukrainian and
Western politicians. He said that the decision reached at the roundtable
was a step forward in resolving the political crisis.

The roundtable comes during massive protests in downtown Kyiv, as well as
throughout other regional centers, during which time many government
offices have been surrounded by protesters, and opposition rallies have
gathered millions.


Counsular-Envoy of the Russian Embassy in Ukraine Andrey Korsun has been
summoned to a meeting with Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The MFA
used the meeting to warn Russian officials about recent Russian statements
against the current situation in Ukraine.

According to Dmytro Svystkov, Deputy Head of the MFA Press-service, it is
necessary for "public activists, including those from Russia, to refrain
from making statements about the elections in Ukraine,
especially ones that can aggravate the situation in the country and be
used to generate a separatist atmosphere."

The MFA issued the warning in response to a series of statements on the
election by Russian politics such as Yuriy Luzhkov, Borys Gryslov, Lyubov
Sliska and others. Moscow mayor Yuriy Luzhkov, as well as Andrey Korsun,
was present at a meeting of local deputies in Severodonetsk on Sunday,
during which supporters of presidential candidate Viktor
Yanukovych voiced strong separatist statements. In a move breaching the
principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of foreign
governments, Yuriy Luzhkov endorsed Ukrainian presidential candidate
Viktor Yanukovych.

Luzhkov then went further, condemning the Ukrainian opposition for
mobilizing millions of its supporters to protest against the results of
the election in rallies across Ukraine.

The MFA issued the warning immediately following a statement from some
Russian Duma members said they are going to organize rallies in some
Eastern-Ukrainian cities to support Viktor Yanukovych.


Opposition presidential candidate Victor Yushchenko will have a
significant 16 percent advantage over Victor Yanukovych in a second
runoff, according to the results of a survey conducted by the Rozumkov
Center for Sociological Research on November 25-29, 2004. Two thousand
people were surveyed throughout the regions of Ukraine.

In answering the question, "For whom will you vote if there is a second
runoff in the presidential elections?" the surveyed gave the following
answers: for Victor Yushchenko - 48%; for Victor Yanukovych - 36%; against
both candidates - 4%; will not vote - 5%; and undecided - 7%.

Among those who both planned to vote and had a candidate preference, 56%
said they would vote for Victor Yushchenko and 40% for Victor Yanukovych.

Thus, after the second round of elections, Victor Yushchenko's lead has
increased to 16 percentage points over Victor Yanukovych-two weeks before
the second round, the difference in the ratings between Victor Yushchenko
and Victor Yanukovych was 8%: Yushchenko - 54%, Yanukovych - 46%.

An important factor contributing to the increase of Victor Yushchenko's
rating is the increase in the number of people that believe in his victory
in the elections: the number of those that believe Victor
Yanukovych will become president has dropped from 58% to 30% within the
last month while the number of those confident in Victor Yushchenko's
victory has increased from 19% to 45%.

This important shift in public opinion was apparently caused by
successful mass protests that gathered millions of opposition supporters
agitating for fair elections. The protesters have been further
emboldened by the successful blocking of the presidential administration
and government buildings, and their actions, in turn, have increased
people's faith that the opposition can bring about changes.

Changes in the media situation have also contributed to the rapid growth
of  Yushchenko's popularity. During the last few weeks, several national
TV channels have endured major journalist strikes that forced channel
managers to change biased positions against Viktor Yushchenko and the
opposition. Wide TV coverage of massive opposition protests in Kyiv and
many Ukrainian regional centers have also helped combat stereotypes
against Yushchenko, like the accusation that he is a nationalist
extremist which was propagated by many major TV channels during the
electoral campaign.

MP Mykola Tomenko is convinced that administration-backed candidate
Yanukovych suggested that both he an Yushchenko withdraw their
candidacies together because the government "is very afraid of an
additional runoff and cannot face the shame of a difference of 16-20%."

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