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Dobroho ranku!

1. I've subscribed aaus-list to UKL (Dominique Arel's digest of 
current events reporting on Ukraine). I encourage members to submit 
news and analysis to him for inclusion in UKL.

2. This just came in from Friedrich Christian Haas, whom some of you 
may have met at the AAUS meeting in New York last month. It might be 
helpful for those of you looking at German-Ukrainian relations.

Cheers, Rob De Lossa

>The German Parliament "Deutscher Bundestag" has several official MPs'
>Groups for countries and areas of intrest all over the world. Some days ago
>the official issue of MPs' Groups was published:
>"Mitgliederverzeichnis der Parlamentariergruppen des 14. Deutschen
>Bundestages. Bonn April, 26 1999."
>I would like to inform you about the "German-Ukrainian MPs' Group". The
>Chair of this MPs' Group is the only one given to the small communist party
>"PDS", the successor of the former communist party of the GDR "SED". May be
>the German Parliament prepared its relations to Ukraine after the next
>elections in Ukraine, yet?! Well, here are the other members of this Group,
>responsible for Parliament's German-Ukrainian Relations now:
>Chair           Prof. Dr. CHRISTA LUFT          PDS
>subst.          Prof. Dr. Gert Weisskirchen     SPD
>"               Peter Letzgus                   CDU/CSU
>"               N.N.                            Bündnis 90/Die Grünen
>"               Hildebrecht Braun (Augsburg)    FDP
>SPD             Rainer Arnold
>                 Dieter Dzewas
>                 Gernot Erler
>                 Frank Hempel
>                 Ingrid Holzhüter
>                 Markus Meckel
>                 Horst Schmidtbauer
>CDU/CSU         Peter Altmaier
>                 Michael Glos
>                 Hans Jochen Henke
>                 Volker Kauder
>                 Thomas Kossendey
>                 Dr. Peter Paziorek
>                 Dr. Bernd Protzner
>                 Heinrich-Wilhelm Ronsöhr
>                 Dr. Klaus Rose
>                 Peter Kurt Würzbach
>Bündnis 90      Claudia Roth
>                 (from aus Augsburg, in contact with Crimean Tatars 
>in Germany)
>PDS             Claus Roland
>SPD             8               = Social Democratic Party
>CDU/CSU         11              = Christian (Social) Democratic Parries
>Bündnis 90      1               = "Greens" Ecological Party, left wing party
>FDP             1               = Liberal Democratic Party
>PDS             2               = Party of Democratic Soicalism, Communists
>                                   former communist state party of 
>the GDR "SED"
>To compare the importance of Ukraine for the German Parliament, please
>compare with the number of members of MPs' Groups for Eastern Europe and
>                                                         Chair        Members
>all parties
>1.      Baltics                                         CDU/CSU         71
>2.      Belarus                                         SPD             14
>3.      Bulgaria                                        CDU/CSU         14
>4.      Caucasus                                        SPD             23
>5.      Poland                                          SPD             69
>6.      Romania                                         SPD             21
>7.      Russia                                          CDU/CSU         52
>8.      Slovakia                                        CDU/CSU         10
>9.      Slovenia                                        CDU/CSU         10
>10.     Czech Rep.                                      SPD             54
>11.     UKRAINE                                         PDS             23
>12.     Hungary                                         CDU/CSU         53
>13.     Central Asia                                    SPD             42
>14.     Commissioner for Bosnia                         CDU/CSU         1
>15.     Croatia                                         SPD             1
>16.     Moldovia                                        SPD             1
>Friedrich Christian K. Haas,
>M.A. (phil. et jur.)
>Postfach 410,
>D-57211 Kreuztal, Allemagne-Germany
>Telephon + Facsimile +49-(0)2732-25606

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