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Mr Martin Schulz
Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats
European Parliament

Dear Mr Schulz,

for the last year, the various statements and actions by the European Parliament's Alliance of Socialists concerning Ukraine have become a disgrace for the EU, and European social democracy. See for an analysis: 


and for the most recent action in that regard:  


You may not be aware of the strange reputation that European social democracy is currently acquiring in Ukraine. With every new authoritarian transgression of the Yanukovich/Azarov government, your faction's Ukraine policy will become more of a problem to the public image of your party family and its members, in Ukraine and beyond.

With regards,
Andreas Umland, Dr. phil., Ph. D. 
(Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholar in 1991-1994)
Associate Professor of German and European Studies
Department of Political Science
National University of Kyiv - Mohyla Academy ku-eichstaett.academia.edu/AndreasUmland/

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