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The Consortium of Belarusian and Lithuanian organizations under the
auspices of the Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania) and the
Institute "Political Sphere" (Belarus) is working at the moment on
the preparation of the First International Congress of Belarusian
Studies (Social Sciences), which will take place in Kaunas
(Lithuania) on September 23-25, 2011.

The event will be attended by more than a hundred scholars and
researchers from around the world who are engaged in researches on
Belarus and East-Central Europe. The Congress will gather specialists
in sociology, political science, history and history of ideas.
Besides, the Congress is expected to discuss regional development
issues, foreign policy of Belarus and other relevant topics.

The work will be organized in the following panels:

1. Belarus and the system of regional cooperation;

2. "Belarusian model", 1991-2011: summary of two decades of

3. Soviet past in the regional perspective: (de-)(neo-)(post-

4. Grand Duchy of Lithuania: the fact and the idea;

5. A nation in Central and Eastern Europe: community and identity;

6. Belarusian society and culture: strategies in the globalized

Suggested topics for public discussions:

1. Belarus and the Eastern Partnership initiative;

2. Elections in Belarus, 2008-2010: consequences and perspectives;

3. Belarus-Lithuania relations: state, perspectives and obstacles.

More information about the concept of the event, organizers and
partners can be found on the CongressTM web-site: www.icbs.lt.

On behalf of the consortium, we would like to invite all interested
researchers, experts and specialists in the above mentioned fields to
take part in the Congress.

The organizers will cover accommodation costs and provide visa
support as well. It is also planned that we will be able to cover
travel expenses for the participants from Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania,
Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

The main working languages of the Congress are Belarusian, English
and Lithuanian (we will provide simultaneous translation for these
languages during plenary sessions and joint meetings). Addition
languages of communication are Russian and Polish. The speakers are
invited to submit their thesis and make their panel presentations in
Belarusian, English, Lithuanian, Polish or Russian language.

Speakers will have opportunity to publish their presentations in a
compendium of abstracts or as individual articles.

To participate in the Congress, please, send the following documents:

1) CV in Belarusian, English, Lithuanian or other working language;

2) Thesis of your presentation " no more than 400 words in any
working language.

Please indicate in your letter if you need visa support.

Please, submit your applications to the following address:

The deadline for applications is July 15, 2011.

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