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For a short statement on the Ukrainian right-radical party "Svoboda," by the Univs'ka hrupa (L'viv), see: http://zaxid.net/blogentry/85206/

For a Russian-language summary, see: http://www.pravda.com.ua/rus/news/2011/02/1/5867284/

On the Univs'ka hrupa, see: http://www.univska.com/

For a Ukrainian translation of a recent Polish comment in "Newsweek Polska," see: http://inozmi.glavred.info/articles/5101.html

The Polish original: http://www.newsweek.pl/artykuly/sekcje/swiat/ukrainscy-nacjonalisci-chca-nam-odebrac-podkarpacie,71842,1

For a brief English assessment of "Svoboda's" rise, by Dr. Anton Shekhovtsov, a comparativist of the contemporary European and Russian extreme right, in "Searchlight Magazine," see the attached text (not for publication). On Shekhovtsov: http://www.shekhovtsov.org/

An extensive assessment of "Svoboda" by Shekhovtsov is forthcoming in: EUROPE-ASIA STUDIES, Vol. 63, No. 2, March 2011, pp. 203–228.

My brief take on "Svoboda's" rise, role and prospects: http://www.opednews.com/articles/1/Political-Determinants-and-by-Andreas-Umland-110109-397.html

For a survey of post-Soviet Ukrainian ultra-nationalism, in Russian language, see: http://ku-eichstaett.academia.edu/AndreasUmland/Papers/281376/Pravoradikalnaia_partiinaia_politika_v_postsovietskoi_Ukrainie_i_zaghadka_eliektoralnoi_marghinalnosti_ukrainskikh_ultranatsionalistov_v_1994-2009_ghgh 

NOTE: The last article will be republished in the Russian-language, Germany-based webjournal "Forum noveishei vostochnoevropeiskoi istorii i kul'tury" in 2012. See http://www1.ku-eichstaett.de/ZIMOS/forumruss.html . If you would like to write a scholarly rebuttal to, or substantive comment on, our argument in Russian of no less than 500 words, such a text could, after review, also be published in the "Forum." Please, submit your fully edited article until September 1st, 2011, to andreas.umland@ku-eichstaett.de with CC to zimos@ku-eichstaett.de . The formal style of your article should follow this model text: http://www1.ku-eichstaett.de/ZIMOS/forum/docs/forumruss12/a14UmlandEssay2.pdf

2010 12 Anton Shekhovtsov - Extreme-right partymakes major election gains.pdf

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