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Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 20:04:20 -0500
From: tdoyle@lawrenceville.org
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Subject: Grants & other opportunities for graduate students from ASEES

From ASEES:  Please share this list serv announcement with your grad
students:  Students are now able to apply for Davis Travel Grants and for
the Tucker/Cohen Prize.  Web links and details about both of these awards
are below.  Additionally, ASEEES is looking for a Graduate Student
Representative on the Board of Directors in 2012-13.  Directions for
self-nomination or for nomination by an ASEEES member are also below.

       Deadline:   April 15, 2011
       Kathryn W. Davis's generous donation to our organization, combined
       with matching donations from ASEEES members, enables us to help
       subsidize travel costs for graduate students presenting papers at the
       2011 ASEEES Convention. We are especially committed to subsidizing
       those graduate students who are attending the convention for the
       first time or who have no local institutional resources for travel

       Grant Provisions:  The Davis Graduate Student Travel Grant is a
       merit- and need-based open competition. This one-time award funds
       travel for graduate students presenting papers at the 2011 ASEEES
       Convention, which will be held in Washington, DC.

             ·        Students working at either the master's or doctoral
             level in any field of Slavic, East European, or Eurasian
             Studies may apply;
             ·        Citizens of any country may apply;
             ·        All applicants must be members of ASEEES at the time
             of application.
       Applications will be judged on intellectual merit with a broader view
       to disciplinary and regional balances. Preference is given to
       first-time presenters, though students who have presented in the past
       may also apply. Since our funding is limited and we wish to fund as
       many deserving applicants as possible, we urge applicants to be
       practical in estimating their travel and lodging budget. Please
       consider sharing a room with another graduate student at the
       convention hotel if feasible.
       Deadline for applications: April 15, 2011. All applicants will be
       notified of their status by May 15, 2011.

       Applications:  All applicants must submit the following materials:
             ·        Grant application form, found on our website;
             ·        Curriculum vitae;
             ·        Abstract of the paper to be presented at the
             ·        Tentative budget;
             ·        Statement of need, describing anticipated travel costs
             and potential other sources of funding;
             ·        Scholarly letter of reference from advisor or
             department chair which also includes confirmation that
             departmental and/or institutional conference travel funds are
       Application materials should be emailed to: aseees@pitt.edu

       DIRECTORS, 2012-2013
       ASEEES invites graduate students or their advisors to submit
       nominations for the position of Graduate Student Representative on
       the ASEEES Board of Directors. The Graduate Student Representative is
       a voting member of the Board of Directors, elected to serve a
       two-year term of 2012-2013.
            Candidates for graduate student representative can self-nominate
       or be nominated by a faculty member who is a member of ASEEES. The
       Nominating Committee will review all nominations and select two to be
       candidates.  Their names will be placed on the ASEEES ballot to be
       voted on by all ASEEES members.
            All nominees for the position of ASEEES Graduate Student
       Representative should be doctoral students post-comprehensive
       examinations and in good academic standing. They may be in any
       academic discipline associated with Slavic, East European, and
       Eurasian studies. Nominees also should be current ASEEES members and
       have a record of active contributions to the field outside of their
       department that demonstrates their initiative and engagement.
            Please submit a current C.V. and a letter of reference from the
       nominee’s advisor or department chair. Materials should be sent by
       email to ASEEES@pitt.edu. All materials must be submitted to ASEEES
       by April 15, 2011.

       The Robert C. Tucker/Stephen F. Cohen prize, sponsored by the JKW
       Foundation, is awarded annually (if there is a distinguished
       submission) for an outstanding English-language doctoral dissertation
       defended at an American or Canadian university in the tradition of
       historical political science and political history of Russia or the
       Soviet Union as practiced by Robert C. Tucker and Stephen F. Cohen.
            The prize carries a $5,000 award intended to help the author
       turn the dissertation into a publishable manuscript.
       The dissertation must be completed and defended during the calendar
       year prior to the award. The prize is awarded at the ASEEES Annual
       Convention in November.
            Submissions are due April 15, 2011.  More information about the
       Tucker/Cohen Prize (including eligibility requirements, prize
       committee contact information and list of past winners, can be found
       on the ASEEES website)

       Mary Arnstein
       Communications Coordinator
       Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES)
       203C Bellefield Hall, Pittsburgh, PA 15260
       412/648-9809     www.aseees.org
       Find us on Facebook
       Join us on LinkedIn

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