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Dear Colleagues,
With two separate draft law proposals submitted to a Parliamentary Commission on Education for consideration (the commission consists of ten members of Ukraine's Parliament) , one by Dmitro Tabachnyk, Minister of Education, Youth and Sport, and the other by Yuriy Miroshnichenko, MP and representative of President Yanukovych in Parliament, and under pressure from the academic and national and international communities and the press, Prime Minister Azarov recommended a series of discussions related to the proposals.  
Attached is a summary of a Round Table discussion which took place on February 10th related to proposed changes on the teaching of Literature.  Kyiv-Mohyla Academy took a leadership role in opposing the Tabachnyk proposal.  We will be following developments closely.  There is much more at stake than education issues. 
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The following might be of interest to those who study the situation of universities in the post-Soviet space:

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Dear colleagues,

Here - http://jesaulov.narod.ru/Code/articles_ot_vpsh_k_rggu_partijanaja_organizacija_i_partijnoe_literaturovedenie.html  - you can get to know my version of the story about the degradation of once "the most democratic" university in Russia: "From the Higher Party School to the Russian State University for the Humanities and back: party organization and party philology" (От ВПШ к РГГУ и обратно: партийная организация и партийное литературоведение)

Best regards,
Ivan Esaulov

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