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02 february 2011

Tabachnyk throws financial noose on Kyiv Mohyla Academy

The ministry of education has substantially cut the funding for the Kyiv 
Mohyla Academy, forcing it to start large-scale dismissals of faculty, 
one of KMA senior lecturers told The Gazeta po-Kyivsky Feb. 2.

The KMA rector has already notified the faculty about the impending 40% 
lay-offs of staff.

In addition, the ministry, led by Dmytro Tabachnyk, ordered new 
enrollment procedures, the lecturer confirmed.

By doing so, the ministry wants to downgrade KMA, Ukraine’s flagship 
university, to average standards. “Until now, the knowledge of English 
was mandatory for applicants as it was essential for KMA profile as an 
academy modeled on western universities. The ministry explains this by 
the alleged discrimination of those students who took other foreign 
languages at school,” the source said.

As international scholars lectured widely at KMA and some of the courses 
taught were in English, the diplomas awarded by KMA were recognized in 
the rest of the world, the senior lecturer went on.

“This year, the ministry is out to bring to heel the autonomous 
academy,” she summed up.

  KMA faculty explain new procedures by the revenge of Education 
Minister Tabachnyk against his vocal critic, KMA Rector Serhy Kvit, and 
the ministry’s policy of subjugating Ukraine’s only truly independent 

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