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From the same site:
Area covered by water: Less than one square mile
There's either been a horrific drought or everything BUT the kitchen sinks have now been declared international waters.

At 08:28 AM 4/26/2009, Max Pyziur wrote:

"Country profile: Ukraine

Facts and statistics on Ukraine including history, population, politics,
geography, economy, religion and climate


Living national icons: Eugene Hutz (singer and actor), Milla Jovovich
(model and actor), Andriy Shevchenko (football), Artur Ayvazian (rifle
shooting), Vitali Klitschko (boxer)


I guess that we'll soon be singing "Start Wearing Purple" (Hutz);
looking for the Fifth Element - "Me fifth element - supreme being. Me
protect you." (Jovovich); and wondering how to have Silvio Berlusconi for
a Godfather (Shevchenko).

As for the rifleman and the boxer, add your own quips.

You'd think that the braided lady/hazova prytsesa and the beekeeper would
make it as cultural icons.

In the words of Volodymyr Palahniuk (Jack Palance), "... believe it,
... or not."

Vanya Z. Dorohy

p.s. If the wit is too dense, explanations provided upon request.
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