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Reply to: Pavel Kolar <kolar@zzf-pdm.de>

The Institute of Contemporary History in Prague and the Zentrum für
Zeithistorische Forschung Potsdam are pleased to invite applications
for two Visiting Fellowships in the academic year 2009-2010 to work
within the Prague-based postgraduate research group Sozialistische
Diktatur als Sinnwelt. These two-month fellowships provide an
opportunity to pursue individual research as well as to participate
in the scholarly community and activities of the international
postgraduate team. The research group, a joint venture of the
Institute of Contemporary History, Prague, and the Zentrum für
Zeithistorische Forschung Potsdam, is concerned with cultural
representations of social order in state socialism in East-Central
Europe. Its aim is to analyze the mechanism of establishment,
perpetuation and erosion of communist regimes in terms of cultural
history. Exploiting the concepts of Sinnwelt, Ordnung und
Herrschaftswandel, it focuses on the interdependence between the
primarily non-political, everyday constructions of meaning and the
stabilisation of dictatorial regimes. Generously supported by the
VolkswagenStiftung, the venture includes eight individual projects
dealing with the history of communism in Czechoslovakia, Poland,
Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union. The objective of
this fellowship is to strengthen international cooperation and to
overcome the hitherto dominant national exclusivity in the study of
communism. Comparative projects are therefore welcomed.

Further information on the research group can be found at



The grants are directed to scholars from all countries. All
applicants must hold or expect to hold a PhD (or be able to
demonstrate equivalent and substantial research experience) in
history or another discipline in the humanities or social sciences.
Fellows are expected to conduct their own research; nonetheless
preference will be given to those applicants whose interests relate
to the research of the group. The candidates should have a good
working knowledge of German and/or English (knowledge of Czech is
appreciated but not indispensable).


The fellowship carries a stipend EUR 3,000 for a two month grant
period. The non-renewable funding is supposed to cover all expenses
including travel, housing, and insurance. Fellows are expected to
reside in Prague for two consecutive months between October 2009 and
June 2010. The Institute of Contemporary History will provide office
space, access to the Internet and other relevant facilities. Fellows
will conduct own research and participate in the events of the
research group. Furthermore, they will be asked to present their
current project in a colloquium. During their residence at the
Institute of Contemporary History, fellows will use the Prague
academic facilities for their research purposes. The Institute s
library holds approximately 40,000 items and subscribes over 150
Czech and 100 international periodicals. Other Prague libraries such
as the National Library, the Slavonic Library or the Library of the
Czech Academy of Sciences provide valuable resources for the study of
the history of East-Central Europe. Moreover, short research travels
within the region during the fellowship are possible.

Application Procedure:

The application deadline is May 25, 2009. Decisions will be announced
by June 30, 2009.

All applications must include:

1. A letter of interest;
2. A curriculum vitae (including a list of publications);
3. A project proposal not exceeding five pages (1,500 words);
4. Two letters of recommendation.

Please send the application to:

Pavel Kolár, Ph.D.
Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung Potsdam
Am Neuen Markt 1
14467 Potsdam
Tel.: 0331/74510-120
Fax: 0331/74510-143

E-Mail: kolar@zzf-pdm.de

Letters of recommendation may be sent under separate cover. No
applications or recommendations by fax will be accepted. Additional
inquiries about the fellowship programme should be directed via E-
mail to Pavel Kolar (kolar@zzf-pdm.de) or Michal Kopecek

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