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> The recent exchange on the Gogol/Taras Bulba Wikipedia article brings up
> a somewhat neglected issue. Do Ukrainianists participate in Wikipedia?
> This is not just a source for high-school students and journalists. Many
> scholars use Wikipedia (from Hawai'ian 'wiki-wiki,' 'quickly') as a
> source - with caution, of course, as with all sources. I think it is the
> professional obligation of each of us to learn the technique of
> contributing to this collaborative project (it can't be that hard) and
> ensure that at least one article in our area of specialization is
> accurate.

Also, Wikipedia is multi-lingual. Editing an entry in one language doesn't
cause it to be instantly replicated into other languages. As an example,
the Ukrainian language entry for Bohdan Stupka is fairly rich, while the
English language one is a wikipedia "stub" (placeholder).

Btw, the number of Ukrainian language entries has grown in the last six
months from ~128,000 to close to 145,000.

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> Historical Research and Information Specialist
> US Department of Justice
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