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Dear AAUSivtsi,

Prof. Romanchuk has the following addendum to the petition that I 
forwarded earlier today to the list:

"It should be of interest to readers of this list that, although our 
Slavic BA and MA programs are focused on Russian language and culture 
(by necessity, as there are only three of us), they promote Ukrainian 
as well. You may know me as a co-author of the Ukrainian language 
textbook Rozmovliaimo! and of articles on Ukrainian topics in Slavic 
Review and UCLA Slavic Studies. I have taught Ukrainian at FSU as a 
voluntary overload in four academic years, once as an intensive 
course for several graduate students and three times as independent 
study courses. Considerable (and explicitly articulated) Ukrainian 
content is also present in our regular curriculum, in particular in 
courses on Gogol, Kievan Rus' Literature, History of the Russian 
Language (taught as "History of Russian and Ukrainian" when Ukrainian 
speakers enroll), Slavic Civilization (with a full unit on Ukraine), 
and the Slavic Vampire. I have worked on Ukrainian thesis topics with 
doctoral, masters, and undergraduate honors students.

"Please note as well that the name of our undergraduate major is 
Russian, hence "Slavic/Russian" in our petition materials."


As I indicated earlier, it would be a blow to Ukrainian studies to 
lose this program. I hope that you will spend a few moments to write 
letters of support. Addressees are listed in the previous post.


Robert DeLossa
Robert DeLossa
Chair, AAUS Communications Committee
List-moderator, AAUS-list & AAUS-Community-list

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