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CALL FOR PAPERS [Please, feel free to forward, post or publish.]

"Anti-Western Ideologies in Post-Soviet Russia, and Their Historical Origins / Antiwestliche Ideologien im postsowjetischen Russland und ihre historischen Urspruenge"

A special issue of "Forum für osteuropaeische Ideen- und Zeitgeschichte [Forum for the Ideas and Contemporary History of Eastern Europe]" (http://www1.ku-eichstaett.de/ZIMOS/forum/index.htm ).

Deadline for submission of English or German papers: 1 May 2010

ZIMOS, the Eichstaett Institute for Central and East European Studies in Upper Bavaria, invites English- and German-language research papers for a 2010 special issue of volume 14 of its biannual Germany-based print-journal "Forum für osteuropaeische Ideen- und Zeitgeschichte [Forum for the Ideas and Contemporary History of Eastern Europe]." See http://www1.ku-eichstaett.de/ZIMOS/forum/onpaper.htm . Since 1997, the "Forum" has been published twice per year by Boehlau Publishers (Vienna, Cologne and Weimar). See http://www.boehlau.de/1433-4887.html . Since 2004, it has been supplemented by ZIMOS's interdisciplinary Russian-language web journal "Forum noveishei vostochnoevropeiskoi istorii i kul'tury [Forum for Contemporary East European History and Culture]" (http://www1.ku-eichstaett.de/ZIMOS/forumruss.html ) where currently a similar Russian-language multi-issue project on the post-Soviet "New Right" is being implemented
 (http://www1.ku-eichstaett.de/ZIMOS/CallForPapersRu.html ).

We are looking for properly footnoted, scholarly researched, well-structured, and thoroughly edited English- or German-language investigations into the political ideas, world views, intellectual biographies, societal impact and various activities of contemporary Russian representatives of radical anti-Westernism and their sources in the history of Russia and other countries. 

Submitted texts should have a length of approximately 4,000 to 7,000 words, and be based on primary as well as secondary sources fully listed and properly described, in the footnotes. Papers may be submitted and will be printed in English or German. In the case the author submits not in her or his mother tongue, the text should be thoroughly copy-edited by a native speaker. The paper should not have been published before, in the language in which it is submitted to the "Forum." If it has been published in another language before, authors are required to provide proof of reprint permission, by the copyright holder of the original version of the article. The editors of the "Forum" will not take responsibility for any violations of copyright.

Papers accepted content-wise for publication will only be published in case of a proper adaptation of its linguistic quality and formal style  (footnotes, headings, references, citations etc.) to the standards of the "Forum" by the author/s, by 1 May 2010. Model articles showing the formal style required of the final editions of the papers to be prepared by the author/s may be found at the following sites: 

Two German-language model articles:

An English-language model article:

All versions of the papers should be submitted as MS Word Documents using Word's footnote function.

Please, submit your text as soon as possible, but not later than 1 May 2010 to: 


or as a hard copy to:

Redaktion des "Forums"
Ostenstr. 27
D-85072 Eichstaett

We look forward to your paper!

Thank you.

The "Forum's" Editors
Prof. Leonid Luks and Dr. Andreas Umland

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