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With regard to James George Jatras (mentioned in the article), see:


Jatras has taken pro-Serb, anti-Kosovar stands in the past and 
presents as a chauvinist Orthodox (to the point of Orthodox 
jingoism). Has anyone dealt with him while he was on the Hill?

The increasing collaboration of right-wing GOP consultants with 
pro-Russian interests in Ukraine continues to puzzle me. I would 
think that the neo-cons and other right-wingers would want Ukraine as 
a buffer state to a resurgent RF. (I don't know if I'm making the 
right connection here with Jatras, though.) Anyone out there working 
on this? Does anyone know if GOP operatives were involved with anyone 
in Ukraine before they worked on the Yanukovych campaign?


At 8:53 AM -0400 4/7/09, stephen velychenko wrote:
>An "American" institute funded by persons unknown has been established
>in Kyiv. It stands against Ukr membership in NATO and invites Russian
>linguists to teach Russian in Ukraine.
>Stephen Velychenko
>CERES Associate;
>Research Fellow,Chair of Ukrainian Studies;
>Munk Center
>University of Toronto
>Devonshire Place
>Toronto M5S 3K7
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