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A Bimonthly Publication on Ukraine’s Politics, International Affairs and Economics

Founded in September 2008

Recent issues of UKRAINE ANALYST (www.taraskuzio.net) have covered:
- Political Crisis
- Pre-Term Elections Strategies
- Georgia’s Conflict and Ukraine
- Analysing Vanco’s Oil Contract
- Expanding Ukraine’s Business and Trade Opportunities
- Foreign Direct Investment
- Ukraine and the Global Financial Crisis

The free first September 2008 issue of UKRAINE ANALYST can be downloaded here: http://www.taraskuzio.net/uafree_files/UA1.pdf

Subscription (enquiries can be sent to ukraineanalyst@kuzioassociates.com):
$US500 Business and Institutional  
$US300 Individual  
$US150 Student

Payment can be made through bank order or by credit cards through a secure PayPal at www.taraskuzio.net


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