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Yes, the audio exists. We are working out distribution with our 
publisher. Slavica has the files, as do the authors. It would be best 
first to contact Slavica; if that does not produce quick results, 
contact one of us. (Or post to AAUS again, since we all are on-line 
here.) -- Rob

At 9:15 AM -0500 1/26/09, E Wayles Browne wrote:
>I have two students working on Ukrainian with the
>textbook Rozmovljajmo (DeLossa, Koropeckyj, Romanchuk,
>and Mason). Are there audio CDs or tape recordings
>for this book? How would we get them?
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>Ithaca, New York 14853, U.S.A.
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>fax 607-255-2044 (write FOR W. BROWNE)
>e-mail ewb2@cornell.edu
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