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       The Eugene and Daymel Shklar Fellowships in Ukrainian Studies

*2009-2010 Application  available on HURI website:

The Eugene and Daymel Shklar Fellowships in Ukrainian Studies brings
scholars from the international academic community to Harvard for
focused research on projects concerning Ukrainian history, literature,
philology, culture, and other fields in the humanities and social
sciences.  In addition to carrying out their own research, Shklar
Fellows participate in the scholarly life of the University, and offer a
formal presentation based on original research as part of the
Institute's seminars in Ukrainian studies.

Individuals who hold a doctorate in one of the fields listed above and
who have demonstrated a commitment to Ukrainian studies are eligible to
apply.  Those individuals who have received their Ph.D. or its academic
equivalent (e.g., /Kandydat nauk/) within the past eight to ten years
are especially encouraged to apply.

To support their stay at Harvard, Eugene and Daymel Shklar Fellows are
provided with a stipend of $3,300 per month to cover the cost of
housing, health insurance, and other living expenses.  In addition to
the stipend, the award also covers the cost of direct roundtrip travel
to Harvard University.

*Fellowship Tenure:*
Requests for residence for periods from three to eight months will be
considered; adjustments in the requested time-frame may be made at the
time of award.  The average tenure for a fellow has been four months.

*Fellowship Application Instructions*:
The completed application consists of three parts:

    1. The fellowship application cover form attached to these
       instructions. (The form must be typed in English.)
    2. A six to eight page description (double-spaced, 12 point font, and
       one inch margins) of your project, including its significance, the
       expected date of completion, and the reasons why residency at
       Harvard University is necessary for its successful completion.
    3. Your /curriculum vitae/*.***

The original signed application cover form, project description, and CV
-- clipped together as one set -- /_along with five complete duplicate
copies of the set_/ must be sent by *March 13, 2009* to the following

*The Shklar Fellowships in Ukrainian Studies
**c/o Tamara H. Nary, Program Administrator**
Ukrainian Research Institute**
Harvard** **University****
34 Kirkland St**.**
Cambridge**, **MA** **02138**  **USA***

* *Decisions will be announced after May 1, 2009.

Tamara H. Nary
Programs Administrator
Ukrainian Research Institute
Harvard University
34 Kirkland Street
Cambridge, MA  02138
617.495.3549 / fax 617.495.8097

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