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National Identity in Eurasia: Identities & Traditions
22-24 March 2009
New College, University of Oxford

Convenor: Professor Catriona Kelly
Deadline for registration: 10 March 2009
Website: http://www.mod-langs.ox.ac.uk/russian/nationalism/eurasiaconf.htm
Email: russian-nationalism@mod-langs.ox.ac.uk

The conference explores the institutions, ideologies, and practices that have shaped identity in the countries that once formed part of the Soviet Union and in the states and cultures that border the former superstate. It traces the history of ‘Eurasia’ as a concept, and analyses the role of political interest groups, religious beliefs, museums, education, and everyday experience (whether under direct state control or governed by what are believed to be autonomous ‘traditions’ in evolving concepts of ethnic, national, and transnational culture). Gathering together anthropologists, historians, political scientists, sociologists, and specialists in cultural studies from the Caucasus and Central Asia, Belorussia, France, Germany, and Russia as well as the UK and the USA, it presents a uniquely wide-ranging, cross-disciplinary forum for informed discussion of issues that are of enormous topical significance.

We are pleased to announce that the conference registration is now open. Please note that the number of places is limited. We anticipate a high demand and you are advised to register as early as possible. Conference participants will be registered strictly on a first-come-first-served basis, without exceptions.

National Identity in Russia since 1961:
Traditions & Deterritorialisation
University of Oxford

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