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Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2008 13:52:56 -0400
From: "Joffe, Muriel" <mjoffe@iie.org>
To: znayenko@andromeda.rutgers.edu
Subject: Fulbright Scholar Awards for 2009-10; University of Warsaw
     Distinguished Chair

I am writing to bring to the attention of the American Association for
Ukrainian Studies Fulbright Scholar grant opportunities for 2009-10.

The Fulbright Scholar Program for Faculty and Professionals is offering
a variety of opportunities for both area and non-area specialists to
lecture, conduct research, or carry out both activities in Ukraine, the
Baltic States, Central and Eastern Europe, and Eurasia for academic year
2009-10.  The traditional Fulbright Scholar Program offers awards that
range from 2 to 10 months. Scholars may conduct research independently
or in collaboration with host country colleagues. Applications are
welcome from scholars in a broad range of disciplines in the arts,
humanities, social sciences and sciences. Opportunities also exist for
professionals in such fields as law, public administration, conflict
resolution, journalism, library science, and education. While many
awards specify project and host institution, there are a number of open
"All Discipline" awards that allow candidates to propose their own
projects and determine their host institution affiliation.  Foreign
language skills may be required for certain research projects, but
lecturing awards are in English. The application deadline for 2009-10
is August 1, 2008. For general information about application
requirements and staff contacts, visit the CIES Web site at www.cies.org
<blocked::blocked::http://www.cies.org/> .

Specialists on Ukraine are also welcome to apply for the
Fulbright-University of Warsaw Distinguished Chair in East
European/Eurasian Studies. This chair is for specialists to lecture in
East European, Russian and/or Eurasian studies at advanced undergraduate
and postgraduate levels with possibilities for research.  Special
interest in 20th-century topics. Desired specializations include
history, political science, culture and nationality issues.  Candidates
must be U.S. citizens and senior scholars with a significant publication
and teaching record. For specific information about the chair, contact
Maria Bettua, at mbettua@cies.iie.org, 202-686-6245
<blocked::mailto:mbettua@cies.iie.org,%20202-686-6245>  or Abby
Greenwell, agreenwell@cies.iie.org
<blocked::blocked::mailto:agreenwell@cies.iie.org>  or 202-686-6232. The
application deadline is August 1, 2008. Visit the CIES Web site at
www.cies.org <blocked::blocked::http://www.cies.org>  for additional

Muriel Joffe, Ph.D.
Assistant Director
Europe, East and North
Council for International Exchange of Scholars
TEL:    202-686-6249
E-mail: mjoffe@cies.iie.org
FAX:    202-362-3442

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