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I agree with Jurij Dobczansky about the manner in which postings to the list
are often made.

As a Co-editor of one of the H-NET family of lists (H-TURK),
I would like to point out that anonymous postings as well as political
tirades are disallowed on proper academic lists. Granted H-NET lists are
moderated, while AAUS is not, but perhaps the editors of the AAUS list would
consider stating a few basic guidelines as to what is appropriate etiquette
on an academic list. E.g., contributors should identify themselves by name
and academic affiliation if applicable. We all get excited about the dramas
and horrors of current Ukrainian affairs, but it would be nice if those
commenting would make an effort to restrain their emotions even if
justified, and avoid excessive negative ad hominem comments not only at
their colleagues, but even politicians no matter how deserving they may seem
to be.

I personally am not for over-formalization of list subject matter and style,
but should there not be a few basic limits?

Victor Ostapchuk
University of Toronto

> From: Jurij Dobczansky <jdob@loc.gov>
> Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2008 08:15:29 -0400
> To: <solar75wind@gmail.com>, AAUS <aaus-list@ukrainianstudies.org>,
> <ukrainians@yahoogroups.com>
> Subject: [aaus-list] Commentaries out of scope for the list
> While we may appreciate the commentaries sent by "solar vadim" (can he be
> identified by full name, please?) and Max Pyziur (the anti-McCain tirades)
> their postings are really out of scope for the Ukrainian studies listserv.
> Let's keep the focus on Ukrainian studies.
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