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2008 Pysanka Symposium -- March 8-9, 2008 -- Washington, DC.

This year the annual Pysanka Workshop sponsored by the Library of the Ukrainian Catholic National Shrine in Washington, DC  will celebrate its 25th anniversary by hosting a symposium featuring pysanka specialists from the United States and Canada.
The two-day event will be held at the Parish Center at 4250 Harewood Road, NE, Washington, DC. (across the street from the Catholic University of America). A special exhibit is being prepared in conjunction with the symposium.

Saturday, March 8:
	12:00 - 5:00 pm 	Symposium with featured speakers:
Helen Badulak:  This pysanka artist based in Reading, PA entered her first egg show in 1973.  In 1992 she was named Master of Pysanky by the International Egg Art Guild.  In her long career, she has won numerous first place ribbons and Best of Show awards for her pysanky.  Author of the widely-acclaimed book Pysanky in the 21st Century (2004), Ms. Badulak will present an artist's perspective on pysanka-making on Saturday and conduct a Pysanka Master Class on Sunday along with her daughter Nina Badulak-McDaniel, a pysanka artist in her own right.

Andrij Hornjatkevyc:  A linguist by profession, Dr. Hornjatkevyc worked for 30 years for the University of Alberta at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies and the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies.  His interest in pysanky comes from his parents' collection, which he preserved and whose recording in electronic format by the Ukrainian Folklore Chairs at the University of Alberta he facilitated.  His presentation will give an overview of this valuable collection and its unique journey from Ukraine to Canada.  

Orysia Paszczak Tracz:  Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Ms. Paszczak Tracz is a writer, researcher, lecturer, and translator, specializing in things Ukrainian, especially ethnology.  She is a columnist for The Ukrainian Weekly.  Her interests include folklore, folk medicine, folk songs, traditions, rituals, symbolism, and folk art, especially the origin, symbolism, and traditions of the pysanka.  Her presentation will focus on the pysanka as folk art in North America.

Lubow Wolynetz:  A librarian by profession, now a professor and museum curator of  the Ukrainian Museum and Library of Stamford, Connecticut, Ms. Wolynetz is also curator of the folk art collection at the Ukrainian Museum in New York City.  She will present a museum curator's perspective on the pysanka based on the annual Pysanka exhibitions at the Ukrainian Museum, which she has curated for over 20 years.

Andrew Sorokowski (JD, PhD) is a lawyer and historian specializing in Church History, as well as adjuct professor at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, Ukraine.  In additon to being a columnist for The Ukrainian Weekly  he contributes frequently to scholarly and popular periodicals on a wide variety of subjects.

	  2:30 - 3:00 pm  	Refreshments

Sunday, March 9:			
	 1:00 - 3:00 pm	Pysanka Master Class with Helen Badulak and Nina Badulak-McDaniel 						(preregistration required)
	 1:00 - 2:00 pm	Registration for 25th Annual Pysanka Workshop
	 2:00 - 5:00 pm 	25th Annual Pysanka Workshop with Jurij Dobczansky
	12:00 -4:00 pm	Annual Easter Bazaar -- traditional Ukrainian foods & baked goods; many ven-						dors, including those with Ukrainian arts, crafts, music

To Register:
please visit http://www.ucns-holyfamily.org/Events.html for printable registration forms and detailed information.

Symposium  ($25.00/student discount $20.00) 	
Pysanka Master Class ($40.00/student discount $30.00, limited enrollment) 	
Annual Pysanka Workshop ($15.00/$10 - children 12 and under)  call 202-526-3737, or register on the day of the workshop

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