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Title: Re: [aaus-list] Why is there no organized action again
With regard to Roman Senkus' request, sure, we can re-activate the procedure that we used six or seven years ago during the political crisis then. However, I think we also would want to use the indirect route of posting names to the petition (i.e., have them sent to the webmaster rather than going right to the list) in order to prevent having it spammed and/or intentionally ruined.

With regard to Roman Serbyn's comment on "political correctness": huh? I hope that isn't the implication that I think it is. If so, that has nothing to do with it. When she was installed and Henadii Boriak was demoted, some of us contacted archivists here, who in turn talked with high-ups in American archival circles. The decision was made by the active participants then, with concurrence from at least one high-level Ukrainian archivist, to try to work this from within, without open confrontation on the American side's part, since the appointment was legal (no matter how distasteful). Perhaps that was a mistake, but it would be wrong to think that everyone over here was sitting on his or her hands, for whatever reason.

I think it is important to have a statement from MAU and all of the presidents of the national associations, not just CAUS and AAUS. The statement should have all their imprimaturs before it goes on line. Can we get everyone on board quickly?


Rob DeLossa
Chair, Communications Committee, AAUS

Dear Roman and AAUS members:

  Yesterday I asked two key individuals in Ukraine to draft a public petition, which will, I hope, be posted soon in Ukrainian and English translation on the Web. Anyone will be able to add his or her signature to the petition. Prof. Giovanna Brogi, v-p of MAU, has agreed to bring the petition's existence to the attention of the presidents of Nac. asociacija ukrajinistiv in Ukraine and of the other national associations for Ukrainian studies, and will ask them to forward the link to it to their members. I and, I'm sure, Alexandra Hrycak or Rob De Lossa will inform the members of CAUS and AAUS repectively.

  Question to the AAUS executive: could AAUS host the petition on its Web site?

Roman Senkus
Some time ago, when a group of Ukrainian historians (Kulchytsky, Shapoval
etc.) were attacked by MAUP, there was an outcry of support for them by
fellow scholars in Ukraine and abroad. What I find strange and disconcerting
is that these same people and their defendants do not raise the same public
outcry in defence of the Ukrainian archives and against the appointment of
Ginzburg to the position of Head of National Archives of Ukraine?

Roman Serbyn

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