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Human Rights Watch Film Festival

A Lesson of Belarusian     (New York Premiere)

Screening on Sat June 23: 1:30; Mon June 25: 4; Tues June 26; 6:30; Thurs June 28: 1:30

Human Rights Watch Film Festival

Miroslaw Dembinski, Poland/Belarus, 2006, 51m, video, doc
A Lesson of Belarusian is about young activists who never give up believing that Belarus will one day be free. Franek Viacorka studies at an elite school established by his father to promote the Belarusian language. However, the school has been banned and operating underground since 2003, a victim of the anti-democratic rule of President Alexander Lukashenko. Franek and his classmates are both passionate and thoughtful, expressing their critical attitude to the government by issuing an underground newspaper, recording music with activist lyrics, and organizing an opposition concert. Despite the imprisonment of Franek's father and the constant threat of their own arrest, they are undeterred. In the March 2006 presidential election, they support the democratic opposition candidate in a mass demonstration in Minsk's main square. While the candidate is powerless to combat Lukashenko's corruption and use of riot police, Franek and his classmates realize that fearlessness is a victory in itself.
Presented in association with WITNESS, www.witness.org celebrating their 15th Anniversary year.

Preceded by two short films:
Micah Laaker, Director; American Civil Liberties Union, Producer, US, 2005, 3m, video, drama, In English
Want some privacy infringement with that If the Patriot Act continues to grow in scope, you may get more than mushrooms with your next pizza order.

VIRTUAL FREEDOM     (North American Premiere)
Gef Senz and Maung Maung Aye, Australia, 2006, 5m, video, doc, In English
Animation, exile and the internet-a Burmese love story online.

Running from June 15 to 28 at the Walter Reade Theater, the 18th edition of the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival features 21 films and three shorts from 17 countries and includes 16 New York premieres.

Tickets for the 2007 Human Rights Watch International Film Festival are available at both the Walter Reade Theater box office (212)875-5600 and online at www.filmlinc.com




Film Festival: www.hrw.org/iff/2007



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