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Job Detail  (http://www.eurasia.org/jobs/db/view.aspx?id=22)

Title  Project Director  
Location  Kyiv, Ukraine  
Reports To  Regional Director  
Posted On  6/4/2007  

The Project Director is responsible for managing the implementation of
a 6-12 month *planning grant* for a conducting appropriate
consultation, research and planning for a country-wide program to
enhance Public Access to Computers and Internet throughout Ukraine.
Initial contract 1 year, up to 4 years contingent upon funding.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities
         Oversees project team
         Conducts impact planning and assessments, needs assessments
         Conducts stakeholder consultations with government and
non-governmental officials
         Develops advocacy plan to support implementing and sustaining
free library-based technology programs.
         Oversees procurement of outside contracted services for
conducting assessments and other necessary work.
         Monitors schedule of project activities and ensures deadlines
are met
         Monitors spending and ensures adherence to the budget
         Additional duties as required.
Education: Educational attainment should be to the level of Master*s
degree or equivalent in library and information sciences, management,
business, international affairs or similar field required. 
Work experience: A minimum 5-7 years relevant experience.  Strong
communication, interpersonal, business and analytical skills.
Combination of years of experience plus degree is acceptable.
Other: Ability to manage complex programming, work with multiple
stakeholders, and project activities essential; demonstrated leadership
and management skills required. Proficiency in Russian or Ukrainian is

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