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Le 02/06/07 11:54, « Natalia Pylypiuk » <natalia.pylypiuk@ualberta.ca> a
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> opened  in Kyiv:
> http://5tv.com.ua/newsline/182/0/41368/
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> N. Pylypiuk,
> U of Alberta
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The opening of such a museum is long overdue and Mr. Krutsyk should be
commended for doing the work that in a normal country would be done by state
authorities. Kremlin conducted or inspired atrocities in Ukraine must be put
on display for all to see and condemn. There is however a conceptual problem
with the title of the Museum. The term "Soviet" camouflages the fundamental
truth that the occupation was by Russia and not by some anational, external
power euphemistically called USSR, of which Ukraine was a member.
Regrattably, calling a spade a spade in independent Ukraine is still not an
acceptable practice.

Roman Serbyn

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