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Subject: [SEELANGS] October 19 (Kiev is now Kyiv)
From:    "Max Pyziur" <pyz_99@yahoo.com>
Date:    Sun, October 22, 2006 4:18 pm

On Fri, 20 Oct 2006, Genevra Gerhart wrote:

> Yes, and the French are simply furious with us that
we don't say "Parii",
> and the Italians resent our Rome rather than "Roma".
> I say the English is Kiev and to hell with the rest
of them.

Much like we have the Civil Rights Act and Affirmative
Action to unwind the deleterious social effects of
several hundred years of slavery and gross
discrimination here in the United States, so too it is
necessary to unwind similar deleterious effects of
Muscovy and the Russian and then Soviet
totalitarian and authoritarion oppression, both
material and especially cultural.  To a small degree
the 10th amendment of the Constitution of Ukraine
works to unwind that cultural oppression.

The English-speaking world has accepted Beijing for
Peking; Mumbai for Bombay. It's time to begin to make
the move to Kyiv from it's Russian-language derived

It's a wonder that for all of the Russophiles on
SEELANGS there is so little discussion of the social
and political state of the Russian Federation; its
sorry demographics; its heavy-handed return to
political authoritarianism.

> Genevra Gerhart
> ggerhart@comcast.net
> www.genevragerhart.com
> www.russiancommonknowledge.com

Max Pyziur

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