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My Kean University colleague, George Kolodiy, suggested I contact you about a graduate course we are offering in Spring 2007.  The course falls under our new Masters in Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

MAHG 5016:  The Ukrainian Famine-Genocide, 1932-1933
This course examines the famine-genocide of 7 million Ukrainians under Stalin, 1932-1933.  It explores the physical, psychological, economic, and environmental effects of the genocide, international response, and the challenges of recovery.  

George thought that you might know some students at Rutgers who may be interested in taking the course, which is open to non-matriculated students.  The course will be offered on Mondays from 7:50 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

I would be happy to tell you more about the course if you have any questions.  I designed the course for MAHG and will be teaching it.  My interest is both academic and personal, since my mother and grandmother were survivors of the famine-genocide while my grandfather succumbed to the starvation.

By the way, I earned a double-major BA in Russian and in English at Rutgers Newark.  I studied with Myroslava Znayenko many years ago!  At that time, we also had Ukrainian courses with Dr. Eugene Fedorenko.  Wonderful memories!

All the best,
Ruth Piatnochka Griffith

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