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Dear Colleagues,

I draw your attention to "Potrapyly v istoriju," an article by the  
eminent historians
Oleksij Tolochko and Natalia Yakovenko,  The article, which appeared
on the website of Maidan, discusses (and demonstrates)
the plagiarism of Volodymyr Lytvyn, former speaker of the Ukrainian  


The bitter irony of all this, is that National Academy of Sciences of  
(NANU) inducted Mr. Lytvyn into the Academy in May 2006, while truly  
and deserving scholars were not.

Even more surreal, as Professors Tolochko  and Yakovenko indicate,   
is the fact that
Mr. Lytvyn published in 2002 a book titled The Protection of  
Intellectual Property
(Oxorona intelektual'noki vlasnosty v Ukrajini [Forum]).

I wonder whether it would not be appropriate for the AAUS to issue a  

Kind regards,
Natalia Pylypiuk

Dr. Natalia Pylypiuk, Associate Professor
Modern Languages and Cultural Studies  http://www.mlcs.ca
200 Arts, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada T6G 2E6
voice mail: (780) 492-3498

Canadian Association of Slavists

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