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H e r a u s g e g e b e n v o n P e t e r R e h d e r
Band 31:
Andrii Danylenko
Slavica et Islamica – Ukrainian in Context
München: Otto Sagner 2006. Leinen, XVIII, 460 S. 68.- 6. (978-3-87690-970-7)
The proposed book is a collection of essays and studies on the
Ukrainian language, approached in a
broad context of historical, cultural, and linguistic relationships
of the Slavs with their neighbors.
The author offers some interpretations of Slavic and Arabic
nomenclature as attested in early
Byzantine, West European, and Islamic records. A special emphasis is
placed on the linguistic
situation in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, especially on the prostaja
mova and Slavic vernacular
used by Lithuanian Tatars. Some Ukrainian morphosyntactic phenomena
are presented from the
Indo-European and typological perspectives, in particular the verbs
‘to have’ and ‘to be’, the construction
‘was für ein’, and the predicative forms in -no/-to, which receive a
wholly new elucidation
based on extensive Slavic dialect data. Finally, several articles
deal with the literary output of East
Slavs and the development of the new Ukrainian literary language; a
new vision of Potebnja’s
language program is proposed. Languages of Shevchenko and Potebnja
are analyzed from the point
of view of the dialect basis and literary tradition.

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