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Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to announce a different sort of addition to our website 
at http://www.arts.ualberta.ca/uvp/  Up to now, we have tried to 
document Ukrainian folklore in Ukraine.  Since moving to Edmonton, we 
have begun documenting Ukrainian folklore in Canada.

Two items are now up.  One is a 3-D model of a Ukrainian Catholic 
church just north of Bruderheim called Church of Jaroslaw.  It is in 
danger of being closed and so it is the building we documented first.
Narratives that go along with the church (I conducted interviews 
while Peter Holloway filmed) should be up shortly.

The other item is 3-D images of pysanky collections.  Last summer 
Mariya Lesiv, one of the graduate students, did the photography.  We 
are now beginning to convert the photos to 3-D models and to display 
them.  We have a “page” up from four of the collections we did.  In 
other words, we have samples and should have more material shortly.

Feedback and suggestions welcome.  We would particularly welcome 
comments on Pysanka resolution.  Currently, you have a choice of high 
or low.  Does the resolution make a difference to you?  Is it worth 
giving high resolution images in spite of the time they take to 
download?  Are the low resolution images adequate for you purposes?

Natalie Kononenko
Kule Chair of Ukrainian Ethnography
University of Alberta
Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
200 Arts Building
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2E6
Phone: 780-492-6810
Web: http://www.arts.ualberta.ca/uvp/

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