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Shanovni kolegy,

I failed to see reference to the English language in your proposal on
European Values in
Scholarship.<http://maidan.org.ua/static/mai/1158352963.html>  This is
particularly dissapointing as all the members of the association seem to
be scientists and thus are quite aware of the importance of English to
21rst century knowledge.
Allow me to point out that until Ukrainian students stop reading Russian
language works and begin reading English language works -- because English
is the language of world scholarship -- there cannot be any "European
Values" in Ukrainian scholarship.
The logical first step would seem to be  to make Englsih compulsory in all
primary schools. This, in turn, will create market for English language
books and eventually make them cheaper than Russian language books in
Ukraine. A second possible step would be to use only Ukrainian and English
for all academic conferences in Ukraine.  I saw no reference to any such
proposal either. A third step would be to have all universities do what
the Mohyla Akademiia has done --make ENglish compulsory for entry into all
universities. Again I saw no reference to this.


Stephen Velychenko
Research Associate,CERES
Research Fellow,Chair of Ukrainian Studies
Munk Center
University of Toronto
Devonshire Place
Toronto M53 3K7


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