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Subject: International Policy Fellowships - Call for Proposals 2006 -2007
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 21:43:39 +0200
From: fellows@policy.hu
To: harriman@columbia.edu

  Dear Colleagues, 
The International Policy Fellowships program is calling for proposals for its 2006-2007 fellowships program as described below. 
We would greatly appreciate your assistance in distributing this announcement widely to your mailing lists, partner organizations, etc. to inform as many eligible candidates as possible.

Thank you very much indeed for your cooperation.

IPF Staff


All applications must be submitted on-line by September 20, 2005 via

The International Policy Fellowships (IPF) program is calling for applications for 2006-2007 fellowships. Launched in 1998 and affiliated with the Open Society Institute and the Center for Policy Studies (CPS) of the Central European University in Budapest, these fellowships support analytical policy research in pursuance of open society goals such as the rule of law, democratic elections, diverse and vigorous civil societies, and respect for minorities. Each year the IPF program invites research proposals that address critical issues in the development of open societies. Successful applicants will demonstrate originality, sound project design and the strong likelihood that their project may lead to significant impact on policy.

The IPF program seeks to enhance the quality of policy research in the countries where the Soros Network operates, throughout Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and Mongolia, as well as countries in South and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. It places strong emphasis on independent research that is both rigorous and appreciative of practical implications. Analysis and evaluation of existing policy contexts should be based on explicit criteria and fellows should be able to communicate their ideas and findings in a variety of professional and public settings.

Applicants are encouraged to submit individual, practical and policy-oriented research proposals in the following subject areas. The product of each fellowship will be a detailed analysis of a major issue to be published in English and translated into other languages:

2006-7 Fellowship Issue Areas: 
General Framework: New Frontiers of Open Society
*	The Challenge of Wider Europe 
*	Open Society Promotion in Predominantly Muslim Societies 
*	Combating Open Society Threats 
*	Combating the Resource Curse 
*	Roma Exclusion 
*	Open Information Policy

Main Terms of the International Policy Fellowship Award 
*	Fellows receive supervision and support from a senior policy analyst 
*	Fellows are invited to Budapest in April 2006 for initial orientation to the program 
*	Optional specialized policy research and advocacy training courses in Budapest 
*	Monthly stipends commensurate with local salaries 
*	Budget for reasonable research, communications, travel, publication and advocacy costs 
*	Discretionary funding for conference participation

How to Apply:

Applicants should carefully complete the online application form found at www.soros.org/initiatives/ipf, which includes a project summary, research proposal (maximum 4 pages), and a resume/CV including a list of publications. Applicants may also include a letter of reference from an affiliated organization and a writing sample on the chosen topic.

Those who have no possibility to access the Web should send an e-mail to fellows@osi.hu to discuss alternate application solutions. 
Applications sent by mail, fax or e-mail will not be considered unless given prior approval from IPF staff.

Applications must be submitted online by September 20, 2005. 
IPF does not consider late applications.

NOTE: Do not reply to this message.

Kevin Eric Laney
The Harriman Institute at
   Columbia University
420 West 118th Street
12th Floor, Room 1212 MC 3345
New York, NY 10027
Tel. 212.854.5139
Fax  212.666.3481
email:  kel1@columbia.edu

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