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Subject: Franklin Pierce College is looking for an accredited university
partner in Ukraine From:    "Andy Ihnatov" <worldsbest04-ai@yahoo.com>
Date:    Fri, August 19, 2005 4:51 pm
To:      ukrainians@lists.Stanford.EDU

Franklin Pierce College (FPC), USA, is looking for an accredited
college/university partner in Ukraine to establish and offer to local
 students the joint US-Ukrainian graduate, undergraduate and study abroad
opportunities and provide quality American-style higher education.

FPC initial program offerings include: providing fully-accredited Franklin
Pierce curricula for the Ukrainian market, with the option for students to
elect either a degree from the local partner university or from Franklin
Pierce; in-class study in Ukraine, online instruction, hybrid
in-class/online instruction, and study abroad (at FPC and alliance colleges)
as options for local students;

Programs offered - MBA; MS in IT; MA in Journalizm; BS and AA in
management, IT, human services, and
other; certificate programs. Instruction in both English and Ukrainian. FPC
management plans to visit Kiev in October, to discuss joint program and
related issues with potential local partners.

Interested and capable contacts at the accredited Ukrainian universities,
e-mail your full
contact info (name, position at the university, phone, fax, e-mail address,
mailing address, university web site) to Victoria Sergeeva at the U.S.
Embassy Kiev, Ukraine: Victoria.Sergeeva@mail.doc.gov

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