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Subject: [SEELANGS] Editor sought for Slavic lit encyclopedia
From:    "berndt" <berndt@AI-PRESS.COM>
Date:    Wed, June 29, 2005 2:45 pm

Dear Colleagues,

Academic International Press is seeking an individual to assume
editorship of our Modern Encyclopedia of East Slavic, Baltic, and 
Eurasian Literatures (MESBEL). Ten volumes and one Index volume are in 

This series is a unique, established, unsubsidized subscription
publication held in numerous libraries throughout the world.

The Editor is responsible for selecting, soliciting and editing entries. 
Procedures are in place for this. Modern technology greatly simplifies, 
eases and speeds these tasks. Contributors have never been a problem. The 
target is minimum one volume annually. Editorial experience is desirable 
but not necessary. Guidance is available by the Press.

The work is creative, satisfying and involves leadership in the
profession. It is a potential vehicle for grants, and spinoffs are  possible.

Compensation is in the form of a royalty.

The aim is to continue and enhance the work as the leading reference in 
its field outside Russia for the world-wide English-reading student, 
non-professional and professional world. If this is something you would 
find rewarding, please let us know soon by email so we can answer your 
questions by telephone.

PLEASE reply directly to me at the email address below--not to the 

Thank you.


Berndt von Wahlde
Academic International Press

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