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> Dear Colleagues,
> Does anyone know whether Ms Kira Muratova, the prominent film
> director, has Ukrainian citizenship?

She does.

Jane Taubman (Professor of Russian @ Amherst) recently published a book
titled , "Kira Muratova : The Filmmaker's Companion 4 (The KINOfiles
Filmmaker's Companions)".  I purchased it and have read parts of it.  For
me it's a good read; Taubman discusses Muratova's style, analyzes each of 
Muratova's films, as well as provides very useful biographical

As I recall one of the chapters is called (paraphrased) "Muratova as a
Ukrainian filmmaker", with Taubman comparing her to and citing as one of
her primary influences as being Paradjanov.

Has anyone else read Taubman's book?

In addition, some of the cable film channels (check your cable provider
for schedules) are offering fare which have some sort of Ukrainian themes
and/or associations.

Already mentioned - My Babushka by Barbara Hammer and Pripyat (both
documentaries) on the Sundance channel is  being shown; East-West on the
IFC channel.

In addition:
The Truce w/ John Turturro on IFC Wednesday, Jun 29@7:00 PM; some of the
filming locations are in Lviv.

Last, does anyone know where a copy of Kubanski Kozaky (a documentary
produced in Ukraine and released in 1992) can be found (Bohdan Stupka does
some of the narration)?


Max Pyziur

> Many thanks,
> N. Pylypiuk
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