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1. By air:

There are 3 direct regular flights per week to Donetsk (DOK) from
Vienna, Austria (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), which is good point of connection 
to Europe and the USA. Also, there are 2 flights per week from Istanbul, Turkey 
and from Athens, Greece. You can find a timetable on the site 

Also, there are 3-4 flights per day 
from Kyiv Borispol (KBP) International airport to Donetsk. You can find a 
timetable on the same site. It's possible
to book and buy tickets for both directions from abroad.

2. By train:

There is a train from Kyiv to Donetsk, which departs in the evening (19:39) 
from Kyiv and arrives in Donetsk in the morning (08:24). (Please be aware that 
air travel to Donetsk may be better for non-Ukrainian residents, as the price 
of a 1st class train ticket is almost the same as a plane ticket. In any case 
there are some tour operators in Ukraine which provide booking tickets 

HOTELS: There is a big choice of hotels in Donetsk. Price of rooms vary from 
40$ to 600$ per room/per night. Please be aware that, for some hotels, only 
from Donetsk is it possible to book rooms (but Donetsk State University is 
willing to help if you send Mr. Vladimir Tsvang precise information, including 
your name, departure/arrival time, etc. at tsvang@dongu.dc.donetsk.ua.).

Hotels in Donetsk which are well-situated for the Congress and which have good 
quality include:

Hotel Central: http://www.hotel-central.com.ua/eng/index.php
Hotel Atlas: http://www.atlashotel.com.ua/
Hotel Donbass Palace 5 star: http://www.donbasspalace.com/
Hotel Center Victoria 4 stars: http://h-victoria.com.ua/
Hotel Spanish yard: http://www.dvorik.com.ua/index_eng.htm
Hotel Prague: http://www.prague.donetsk.ua/
Hotel DRUZHBA (Donetsk State University can book rooms here): not expensive and 
not bad.

There are some cheaper hotels, which we will inform you about as soon as 

VISAS: For Europeans it is not necessary to get a visa; Europeans can obtain a 
voucher for 2 weeks directly at every Ukrainian airport (cost 30$). The Rector 
of Donetsk State University will designate a special person, who will be 
responsible for invitation letters and
visas for participants (as such, please also contact Mr. Tsvang for further 

Diana Howansky
Staff Associate
Ukrainian Studies Program
Columbia University
Room 1209, MC3345
420 W. 118th Street
New York, NY  10027
(212) 854-4697

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