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The Slavic Division of Harvard College Library has two positions available, 
one is for the position of Ukrainian cataloger.  Please send inquiries to 
the links provided below.

1) Slavic Librarian (Slavic Technical Services Librarian) 

Responsible for technical service processing of Slavic language materials 
in all aspects w/special emphasis placed on Ukraine; reviews and edits 
provisional records created by library assistants; may provide reference, 
research/instruction assistance on topics concerning countries of former 
Soviet Union; performs on-line original and descriptive cataloging for 
print and non-print materials in Ukrainian and other languages published in 
Ukraine, as well as materials published by Ukrainian émigré communities and 
the Ukrainian Diaspora; works closely w/other Slavic librarians and assists 
in cataloging of materilas from areas of FSU and other Slavic areas; 
performs copy cataloging and resolves relevant cataloging problems; assists 
in acquisition of materials from Ukraine and other areas as needed; may 
provide general Slavic reference, research/instruction services for library 
patrons and other departments of HCL; participates in special projects and 
may provide supervision; participates in evaluation of Division's 
procedures/policies, making recommendations in such areas as application of 
new technologies, or Division's workflow; monitors a variety of 
established/emerging information sources, participates in on-line 
discussion groups, attends relevant conferences/meetings as appropriate.

B.A. and MLS from an accredited library school or its foreign equivalent, 
required. A graduate degree in Slavic Studies or equivalent, preferred. A 
minimum of 2-4 years of related library experience, preferably working in a 
Slavic studies research library is required. Knowledge of AACR2, MARC21, 
and LCSH required. Competency in Ukrainian and Russian, required; knowledge 
of other Slavic languages is preferred. Experience working with online 
library information systems such as ALEPH and exposure to OCLC and RLIN. MS 
Office and experience working with macros is preferred. A solid knowledge 
and understanding of technical service operations in complex academic 
libraries is preferable.

2) Library Assistant VI http://jobs.harvard.edu/jobs/summ_req?in_post_id=26112

Processes Slavic language materials. Orders, receives, and catalogs 
Slavic-language materials within established guidelines, includes opening 
packages, creating provisional or full records, paying invoices and 
barcoding as appropriate. Resolves and/or refers problems resulting from 
incorrect, incomplete, or conflicting bibliographic/acquisitions data. 
Searches, edits, revises, and/or creates bibliographic records online for 
receipt/payment of materials and to perform combination of original 
cataloging of belles lettres and copy cataloging. Assists in processing of 
serial publications. Researches, identifies, and catalogs complex/variant 
materials subject to review. Reviews/edits provisional records, may assign 
subject headings. Processes added volumes and items for general collection. 
Retrieves poor-paper boxes from HD. Handles inquiries posted to SLAVDIV 
e-mail account. Orders supplies. Enters students' time in PeopleSoft and 
may supervise work, Serves as reference source, participates in student 
bibliographic instruction programs, including preparation of guides, 
bibliographic and other user Education techniques, helps oversee 
preparation of reserve/ instructional materials.

BA preferred w/substantial library or related work experience, ideally in 
technical services. Competency in Russian or other Slavic language 
(preferably Czech, Slovak or South Slavic) required; knowledge of other 
Slavic languages highly desirable. Requires excellent English language 
communication skills. Experience w/MS office and working with macros is 
required. Experience working w/online library information systems such as 
ALEPH and exposure to OCLC and RLIN preferred. Must be able to accurately 
perform work w/attention to detail. Ability to work productively in a team 
environment w/minimal supervision is also required, as well as strong 
interpersonal, organizational, and problem-solving skills; Knowledge and 
understanding of Slavic cultures and histories preferred.

Ksenya Kiebuzinski, Ph.D.
Jacyk Bibliographer

Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University
1583 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA  02138
Tel: 617-496-5891
Fax: 617-495-8097
E-mail: kiebuzin@fas.harvard.edu

Slavic Division
Widener Library
Cambridge, MA  02138
Tel: 617-495-2458
Fax: 617-495-0403

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