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Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005 17:39:33 -0500
From: Carolyn Hovorka <carolyn.hovorka@eastview.com>
To: Myroslava Tomorug Znayenko <znayenko@andromeda.rutgers.edu>
Subject: The Orange Revolution: a new publication

The first book published in Russia on recent events in Ukraine is the collection “In the Background of the Orange Revolution:  Ukraine between the East and West”, published by the Institute of CIS Countries.

As stated by Konstantine Zatulin, the Director of the Institute, this publication is an attempt to understand the meaning of recent events in Ukraine and assess the future of Russian-Ukrainian relations.

He noted that he is not inclined to consider that all that transpired in this country as “the fruit of an American plot” but supports dividing “interstate relations between our countries and all that we name as relations between Russia and Ukraine as such”.

In his opinion “at this time the worst case scenario is to continue the complex song of friendship and cooperation, to which we have no alternative.”

EVP Order #A2079375
ISBN: 5785304775
Editor: Zatulin, K. F.
Title:  Na fone oranzhevoi revoliutsii : Ukraina mezhdu Vostokom i Zapadom : vchera, segodnia, zavtra.
Published in Moscow by Moskovskie uchebniki i Kartolitografiia in 2005. Press Run: 3000
238 pages in Russian.
Price: $20.95

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