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Subject: [announce] HTF Meeting Tonight 7 p.m. - Also Special Request
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The HTF meeting tonight at 7 p.m. will be at the

Wakano Restaurant in Century City

  Phone: (310) 551-6688

Does anybody have any suggestions on how we could raise some money to help
this woman with what is obviously a chance of a lifetime and something that will
pay off huge dividends down the road?

Bohdana Smyrnova
Vul. Dorohojytska 13, kv.42
04112, Kyiv
(cell) +38066-7783037

Dear Mr. Peter Borisow,

             Recently I have been selected to the very prestigious and
competitive TISCH School of the Arts, Kanbar Institute of Film and Television, NYU.
Now I have the possibility to study on the three years long program so that in
the end I receive MFA degree. (This is the school for the ones who have
already received a bachelor’s degree; I have completed Kyiv State Institute of
Theatrical Arts specializing in feature film direction, under prof. Kryshtofovych).
             TISCH School of the Arts is famous for its Oscar winners alumni,
such as Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee, Charles Kaufman, Jim Taylor and others.
The chance of being selected to study there is a very big honor itself since the
group of 34 students is formed out of about 800 admissions.
             My situation is even more exclusive: I have been awarded TISCH
Dean’s Fellowship which covers my study expenses (exclusive any fees) for the
first year which is $34 780.

             Still, the Fellowship does not cover my living expenses, health
insurance, administration & service fees, my trip and my visa. Here are the
numbers, all of them (except for trip & visa) are highlighted in the attached NYU
             Living expenses                                  $18 000
             Mandatory Health Insurance                      $ 1 917
             Administration & service fees             $ 1 800
             Flight                                                    $    860
             Visa                                                     $    100
             Total                                                   $22 677

             I would be very grateful if you help me raise funding since I
find my possibility to study in NYU very important step both for my personal
career and for integrating Ukrainian culture into the world cinema context.

             The AFCOE form requires that I document financial capacity before
May 15th (early deadline) and June 15th (the latest deadline). If I do
receive organization sponsorship, I should send a copy of the award letter from the
organization. The letter should specify the amount of money that is being
provided to me and state if the award is renewable (consider AFCOE page 4). If I
receive some other kinds of sponsorships (private loan or from sponsor), please
see the requirements on the AFCOE page 4. The documents can be sent by fax
also as AFCOE says on the page 1, point 4.

             Needless to say that I will be grateful even for any partial
financial assistance.

             Should you need any additional documentation or information, don’
t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,
Bohdana Smyrnova

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