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Dr. Daria Markus has suggested that we nominate Viktor Yushchenko for
Time magazine's Person of the Year.   Any thoughts or suggestions from AAUS

Here is an excerpt from an email I received (I believe Dinya Zajac authored it,
I am not certain, as it was forwarded many times before I received it from
someone who was 
not the original author) 


Not only did he survive at least 2 assasination attempts, but
he led Ukraine to a peaceful Orange Revolution that not only could change
the direction of the entire country of Ukraine, but has influenced other
post-Soviet and other countries to  fight peacefully for democratic change in
their countries (i.e. recently Romania).  Also he has turned the attention of
the world on to the truth of Putin's empirical dreams.

Even if Yushchenko isn't picked the Person of the Year, they usually list other
honorable mentions (depending on the letters sent by the public to them).

So write your letter to Time magazine, and pass it along to your Ukrainian
friends all over the world, and your non-Ukrainian friends alike.

Diakuyu! Thank You!

DIH9 (Dinya Zajac)

Na e-mail: letters@time.com

Holovne, v lysti treba podaty povne im'ia, adresu, dom. telefon, inakshe vony
tse traktuiut yak spam. (in your letter you must include your full name,
address, home telephone, otherwise they may consider your letter spam)

Fax: 212 522-8949

TIME Magazine Letters
Time & Life Building
Rockefeller Center
New York NY 10020

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