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The cell phone technology (CDMA, GSM, etc.) has nothing to do with whether
or not you can send/receive SMS to other networks.  It only has to do with
the gateway agreements between operators.

For example, in Canada anyone can send/receive SMS between any of the 4
major digital network operators, whether GSM (Rogers and Microcell/Fido
(separate GSM networks)) or CDMA (Bell and Telus).  The 4 operators agreed
not too long ago to allow messages to flow from each other across their
SMS gateways, so now it works.

I do not know what USA Sprint's gatewaying agreements are for SMS to/from
international destinations.  Someone who is a Sprint PCS customer might
want to contact Sprint's customer support and ask them if and when they
are planning on implementing an SMS gateway and get agreements with other

Andrew Hryckowian

On 2 Dec 2004, Vadim wrote:

> Wanting to get in on the BIG LIE via SMS in the worst way? :-)
> You need to have a GSM phone to be able to send SMS to almost any cell phone
> around the world (most of the world, as opposed to CDMA-crazied US, chose
> GSM).
> I recently switched from Sprint PCS (CDMA) to T-Mobile (Deutsche Telecom's
> GSM Network) and now can send SMS to any cellular network in Ukraine (not
> sure about WellCOM, which I think uses CDMA). It shouldn't be such a huge
> problem, but I was unable to send any text messages from my Sprint phone to
> Ukraine. I hope Sprint implemented a gateway by this time.
> One disadvantage of T-Mobile is slightly worse coverage quality, but it
> doesn't bother me.
> I would be curious to know how Cingular and Verizon folks are doing...
> Anyone able to send messages to Ukraine?
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> > Greetings,
> >
> > Just upgraded the cell fone and now have text messaging.  (My
> > service is Sprint PCS, my phone is a Samsung A660).
> >
> > The phone can be pre-programmed with up to 20 canned
> > messages; besides the default ten I've added Chy nyni v Tebe
> > pomaranchevyj odiakh? De ty? Vsio harazd! De idemo na vecheru?
> >
> > I've been advised that you can send SMS text messages to
> > Ukraine, specifically the Kyivstar network.  Has anyone
> > mastered this and if pass on your wisdom? Do I also have to
> > get Sprint PCS's International service ($.26 to Ukraine)?
> >
> > Wanting to get in on the Orange Revolution via SMS in the worst way,
> >
> > Max Pyziur
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