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9/20/2004 edition of the WSJ had an excellent op-ed by Z. Brzezinski. 
Labelling Putin's Russia a "Fascist petro-state" he casts favorable light 
on Ukraine as providing a democratic foil.

Laying the background, he writes,
"... It is not an accident that under Stalin as well as in recent years, 
Moscow has been and remains the privileged beneficiary of modernization 
and development. In contrast, other Russian cities continue to stagnate 
and the Russian countryside remains largely reminiscent of the days of 
Tolstoy. ..."

and on to Ukraine ...

"... Indeed, already today the neighboring Ukraine of nearly 50 million 
people (whom the Bush NSC has so studiously ignored while naively courting 
Mr. Putin) is beginning to provide a constrast in two major domains: its 
economic progress is more diversified and more evident in other cities 
than just in the national capital; and its politics (while still 
vulnerable to manipultion) have produced two genuinely contested 
presidential elections. As of today, no one can predict the outcome of the 
Ukrainian presidential elections scheduled for late October, a fact that 
stands in shar contrast with the Russian 'elections' in which Mr. Putin 
was the candidate. ..."

.. " Unfortunately, over the last several years the White has fostered a 
cult of Putin that has done great harm to the increasingly isolated 
Russian democrats ...."

" .. moreover, the Bush administration should wake up to the fact that 
what happens in Russia bears directly on what may also hapen in the space 
of the former Soviet Union.  Today, many in the newly indeendent 
post-Soviet states fear that in the name of a war against terrorism the US 
may also ignore Mr. Putin's intensifying efforts to encourage manipulated 
elections in Ukraine, to promote separatism in Georgia (while fiercely 
crushing the Chechens for seeking it), and to isolate Central Asia from 
the international economy. ..."

Max Pyziur

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