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  • [aaus-list] FW: Ukrainian Electronic Pocket Dictionaries, Alexander Dillon
  • [aaus-list] Open Job Position at HURI Publications, Tymish Holowinsky
  • [aaus-list] book launching, Michael M. Naydan
  • [aaus-list] Fwd: Dr. James E. Mace Funeral Arrangements In Kyiv, Ukraine, Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list] James Mace bibliographic item, Robert DeLossa
  • No Subject, owner-aaus-list
  • book on Russian economic expansion in Ukraine, owner-aaus-list
  • [aaus-list] Fwd: International School of Ukrainian Studies (fwd), Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list] FW: fellowship opportunity Open Society Institute (fwd), M T Znayenko
  • [aaus-list] AAUS prize winners, Alexander Dillon
  • [aaus-list] Call for Papers - 3rd Annual Hawaii International Conference on Arts& Humanities (fwd), M T Znayenko
  • [aaus-list] Website of the Canadian Association of Slavists, Natalia Pylypiuk
  • [aaus-list] AAUS Visnyk, Vitaly Chernetsky
  • [aaus-list] two announcements, one of them URGENT!!!, Alexander Dillon

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