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  • [aaus-list] Your classified ad at BRAMA/ Classifieds/ (fwd), Max Pyziur
  • [aaus-list] [SEELANGS] Ann: Heldt Translation Prize deadline extended (fwd), Max Pyziur
  • [aaus-list] Fwd: Free Ukrainian Resources for Mac OSX, Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list] UofS Chernivtsi Colloquium, Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list] news for Visnyk, alexander dillon
  • [aaus-list] Head of Slavic Division, Harvard College Library, Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list] 20-23 November 2003 - AAASS conference (fwd), Max Pyziur
  • [aaus-list] Holocaust studies center in Kyiv, Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list] new book on the 1932-33 Ukrainian Famine-Genocide, Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list] New from CIUS Press, Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list] new Central European journal, Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list] U.S.-Ukraine & Sustainable Energy: Newsletter, Jurij Dobczansky
  • [aaus-list] Washington Post article on Hungarian-Ukrainian border, Jurij Dobczansky
  • [aaus-list] Famine-genocide entry in Russian dictionary, Jurij Dobczansky

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