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  • [aaus-list] Domique Arel: Chair of U studies/Ottawa (fwd), alexander dillon
  • [aaus-list] Vacancy announcement at Library of Congress, UkrDC
  • [aaus-list] Dorland's Illustrated Medical Encyclopedia - Now available inUkrainian! (fwd), Max Pyziur
  • [aaus-list] Holocaust in Ukraine Web-site, Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list] Student internships in Ukraine (for Canadians), Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list] new book and special offer from CIUS Press, Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list] new book about Ukrainian women political prisoners, Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list] Fwd: detailed info on Korenevyi hnizdovyi slovnyk ukraiskoi movy, Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list] Fwd: Fw: Holodomor Annotated Bibliography, Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list] new issue of _Journal of Ukrainian Studies_ on the first decadeof Ukrainian independence, Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list] Fwd: First Ukrainian electronic dictionary, Robert DeLossa
  • [aaus-list] networking for George(yuriy)Starodub,Phd. (fwd), alexander dillon
  • [aaus-list] Emerson in Ukrainian, Ksenya Kiebuzinski
  • [aaus-list] CIUS press release attached, Bohdan Klid
  • [aaus-list] Fwd: Holocaust in Ukraine Bulleten, Robert DeLossa

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