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[from a correspondent]

Kravchenko, the Minister of Internal Affairs, has been fired.  The 
news broke last evening.
You can read about it at Ukrains'ka pravda. 
This is big news because Kravchenko is as deeply implicated in the 
Gongadze affair as anyone.  He was going to go down fighting with 
Kuchma as his loyal bull-terrier.  No reason to expect that his 
replacement will be of much higher moral caliber, but no one will 
have the same kind of stake in keeping Kuchma in power as Kravchenko 
did.  Yet another sign of how weakened Ku is.

On a different subject, read Iuliia Mostova's article in Zerkalo 
nedeli this week. 
[http://www.zerkalo-nedeli.com/ukr/statya.php?id=30448] It is a 
superb political analysis, as usual, and also provides some reason 
to think that Yushchenko is rapidly gaining allies and power.  April 
10 will decide Yushchenko's future--VR takes a 
confidence/no-confidence vote then.  Everything depends on how much 
other groups within the so-called pro-Presidential forces hate 
Medvidchuk.  The nation-wide campaign to gather signatures in 
support of Yushchenko is a great idea.   Sorry to all you Iuliia 
Tymoshenko fans, but right now the future of Ukraine rests on 
Yushchenko's shoulders.....

[Note from Rob: the Mostova piece is available in Ukrainian, 
Russian, and English. I've inserted the link for the Ukrainian 
version. You can navigate to the others, if necessary, from the 
ZN/DzT website.]

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