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[This came in yesterday. Note the Soros rumor is just that. I have 
not seen it anywhere else.--RD]

Students at Kyiv Mohyla Academy who belong to "Za pravdu" are 
receiving threats
of dismissal from department heads and instructors (who, in turn, we may
surmise, may have been subjected to SBU pressure).  The Academy's President,
Viacheslav Briukhovetsky, is strongly defending the students.  March 
16 he held
a public meeting with the students to answer their questions about what is
happening and offered them reassurance that they will not be expelled.

So far, none of the students has given in.  Indeed, students held a 
symbolic two
period strike to protest the way members of "Za pravdu" are being treated.  It
has been said that one of the factors that has kept them going is a rumor that
George Soros has promised that he will give a full scholarship for 
study in the
US to any students dismissed for participation in the movement.

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